Surface tableware

Designed by Sergio Herman

This latest project, from Michelin starred restaurateur, Sergio Herman, in collaboration with Serax is inspired by the raw nature of Zeeland. The result is a stunning series of stoneware in different sizes and shapes, each with their own function and unique characteristics.

Espresso cup and saucer: h: 5 cm; Ø: 6.5 cm (saucer: h: 1.5 cm; Ø: 13.5 cm).

Cappuccino cup and saucer: h: 6 cm; Ø: 9.5 cm (saucer: h: 1.5 cm; Ø: 16 cm).

Mug: h: 8.5 cm; Ø: 9 cm.

Sauce bowl: h: 4.5; Ø: 11 cm.

Jug: h: 9 cm; Ø: 7.5 cm.

Olive dish: h: 2 cm; Ø: 9 cm.

Small round plate: Ø: 16 cm; h: 1.5 cm.

Medium round plate: round plate: Ø: 24 cm; h: 1.5 cm.

Large round plate: round plate: Ø: 27 cm; h: 1.5 cm.

Deep plate: Ø: 19 cm; h: 4 cm.

Lidded bowl: Ø: 16 cm; h: 5.5 cm.

Small tapas oval plate: l: 25 cm; w: 15 cm.

Large tapas oval plate: l: 35.5 cm; w: 17 cm.

Bowl: h: 6.5cm; Ø: 15.5 cm.

Salad bowl: h: 9.5 cm; Ø: 23.5 cm.

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